GAEL FÓRSA is an Irish leisurewear brand born out of the force that comes from within the heart of the ‘true Gael’ GAA and sports community worldwide.

The brainchild of Fergal McEldowney, GAEL FÓRSA was born as a form of escapism during a time when our families and friends were experiencing so much change in our world. Fergal like many found himself with a bit more time on his hands. Having recently retired from playing GAA he strived to find other ways to replace that sense of belonging and community he got from being part of a team.

Knowing it was more than just about the game. The elevations of winning and tribulations of losing. Fergal wanted to create a brand that embraced the GAA community, the GAA family and everything it stands for on and off the field. With the support of his twin brother Francis, who is still actively playing for his local club and close friend Paul Hughes, Chairman of his local GAA club, they set about developing the brand.

It was most important that the products designed carried meaning. The 81 represents Fergal and Franks birth year – a great year or so they say! The brand colours represent home, club, county and country. The name GAEL FÓRSA is a nod to the Irish language, the true GAA “True Gael” supporters, the players, and the force that comes from within the heart of the GAA community worldwide.

Nestled deep within the brand is the importance of knowing that the game is much more than being part of the squad and taking to the field. It is a part of our identity. A sense of belonging and inclusivity. Being part of a community of like-minded people with a mutual love for our traditions, and our heritage.

So much of our young children and adult lives have become about the constant need to train, to diet, to play, to watch, to support, to belong but ultimately to win. GAEL FÓRSA is about getting away from these pressures and the responsibilities of the game.

We want to take it back to the basics. It’s about the enjoyment of it all and putting smiles on peoples faces.

The GAEL FÓRSA range offers high-quality, comfortable and eye-catching men’s and ladies leisurewear. It aims to reinforce the customer’s sense of identity. To be more than just about the game. It’s about being part of something bigger.


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